Rabbit Ear Cleaner

EarSolv is an exceptional natural ear cleaner for rabbits with waxy, itchy ears.So, if your rabbit is scratching its ears or the ears are hot, smelly or it has dirty brown ears you need EarSolv. It will very quickly clean out all the wax and debris from the ear leaving it fresh and sweet smelling. You only need a small amount at a time so it is not only effective but very economical as well. It is fast and simple to use without causing your pet any discomfort and you will begin to see a difference after the first dose. EarSolv will also clean out ear mites / berry bug that can be picked up in when out in long grass or from other pets. If your pet is constantly licking his paws you can apply a small amount to the nail beds and it will clean away the culprits that are causing the itch. It is an excellent product for keeping with your grooming tools and can be used safely anytime you think the wax is building up again. You will be amazed how quickly it works and your rabbit will be delighted!

We are so confident you will love this product that we give a 100% guaranteeso if for any reason you are not happy with it, return it to us and we will refund you immediately.
Great news is it works on dogs and cat too!